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    1. Intro

      We at St. Roland understand that there may be circumstances or unexpected occurrences that might prevent you from staying with us after you have already made a reservation using this website. Life sometimes gets in the way of enjoying your beautiful getaway in Riga. While you are permitted to cancel the reservation at any time, nevertheless significant restrictions and conditions apply depending on when you canceled your stay with us.

      Under the circumstances that a reservation has been made with regards to an agreement to a short-term rental of one of the properties owned SIA UKLAK 11 as presented by St. Roland Luxury Design Apartments, and if the Client wishes to cancel the reservation that has been made, then the following conditions apply.

    1. Conditions

      2.1.1. If you cancel your stay two weeks (Fourteen full calendar days including the first day of your reservation) before the start of your stay, then you will receive a full refund.

      2.1.2. If the cancellation has been made less than two weeks (fourteen full calendar days including the first of your reservation), then, unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your payment for staying at St. Roland.

      Knowing where our guests are arriving in two weeks is the minimum for us to ensure a smooth experience for our guests. These conditions are non-negotiable, and the Client may only be relieved of the conditions in extraordinary circumstances and only if the Client contacts St. Roland Luxury Design Apartments for the sake of such purpose.